Dobama's Night Kitchen presents "The Gulf", January 2001. "The Gulf" is an ensemble-written play inspired by events surrounding the 1991 Persian Gulf War. This scene, "Desert Scream," was written by David Hansen. Featuring Margi Herwald-Zitelli, Sean Sullivan, Brian Fox, Joshua D. Brown, Heather Stout, Kelly Elliott, Derek Koger & Leah Krauss.


The Gulf
“Desert Scream”

A scene from "The Vampyres" by David Hansen, Dobama's Night Kitchen, March 1997. Med student and former actor John (Brian Pedaci) chats up teenage barista Claire (Elizabeth Schwartz) in the Goth-themed coffee shop "The Night Kitchen". With a brief appearance by Adam Hoffman as George.

Guerrilla Theater Company
“They Slaughtered Us With Bad Music and Pretension”

Guerrilla Theater Company presents "You Have The Right to Remain Silent!" May 1993. This scene written by David Hansen, performed by Hansen and Erin Cameron.

Cole Cuts

“The Imaginary Date”

"Cole Cuts" is four interwoven scenes by four playwrights, each inspired by a Cole Porter song and set in a 90s era martini bar, Dobama's Night Kitchen, October 1998.

In this scene by David Hansen, Simon (Adam Hoffman) has been compelled to pretend to seduce Missy (Elaine Feagler) to irritate her former boyfriend Andrew (David Thonnings).  Also featuring Alison Garrigan and Curtis Proctor.

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I Hate This

“The Terrible Silence”

WVIZ ideastream presents "Applause" March 16, 2006 featuring a scene from David Hansen's award-winning solo performance "I Hate This (a play without the baby)"